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We Need a NEW Presidential Debate

Everyone agrees the June 27th CNN debate was an insult to the American people. We deserve better and unless we demand it together, nothing will change.  We need:

In other words - WE NEED A REAL DEBATE!

America deserves
a real debate!

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Unscripted Debate Format

It’s been 65 years since Nixon and Kennedy participated in the first televised presidential debates.

A lot has changed since then.

Today, people don’t trust the major news networks to present information fairly and in a nonpartisan manner.

And with nearly half of the electorate saying that neither major political party represents them, even fewer voters trust the major news networks to talk about the issues that matter at our dinner tables.

Whoever is given the great responsibility of hosting the most important political conversation presidential candidates have with the American people must be trusted by the American people to maintain neutrality.

·   MYTH: Independents are moderates

·   FACT: Independents are ideologically diverse. What makes voters independent is that they don't like partisian politics.

Independent Debate Criteria

For the last 32 years, the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) has not allowed anyone outside of the Democratic and Republicans to appear on the presidential debate stage.

Today, an astonishing 45% of Americans are independents and 71% of Americans want to hear what an independent or third-party candidate has to say.

When a plurality of American voters identify as politically independent, and a whopping 71% of voters want to hear from a candidate in addition to the Democratic and Republican nominees, it is time for criteria that guarantees a third voice on the debate stage!

Edgy Debate Moderators

We need debate moderators who represent a range of perspectives and are willing to challenge political correctness.

Imagine a panel of moderators that included a broad spectrum of independent and iconoclastic thinkers, like Jon Stewart, Megan Kelly, Joe Rogan, Charlamagne the God, Oprah Winfrey, Kara Swisher, Bill Maher, Tucker Carlson, and Kevin O’Leary, instead of media personalities who used to work for a prior political administration.  Edgy liberals, moderates and conservatives who will ask tough questions that make voters and candidates think.  

It’s time for a political debate that helps we the people get smarter.  


Independents do Exist